Automatic Testing and Improvement of Machine Translation (TransRepair) paper reading summary

Not long ago I read the paper Automatic Testing and Improvement of Machine Translation, which proposed an automatic testing method (called TransRepair) for machine translation models in the field of software testing. Below I will summarize what this paper has to say in several aspects. Automatic Testing and Improvement of Machine Translation TransRepair is a method for automatic detection and automatic repair of machine translation software consistency problems. TransRepair provides a black box with… Read more

Structure-Invariant Testing for Machine Translation (SIT) paper reading summary

Not long ago, I read Structure-Invariant Testing for Machine Translation, a paper that presents a study on the detection of robustness problems in machine translation software systems. Below I will introduce some of my understanding from several aspects. The main content of Structure-Invariant Testing for Machine Translation SIT is mainly the research on the detection of the robustness of the machine translation software system. SIT is developed based on a metamorphic relation "structural invariance" in the metamorphosis test. The main steps of SIT are to select original sentences, generate similar sentences, and obtain from translation software... Read more

Summary of some knowledge points about C++ rvalues

I've been reading a lot about C++ rvalues lately due to work requirements. Combined with some of my practical experience, the following ten conclusions are drawn. There are two types of rvalues in C++: prvalues and xvalues. One role of rvalue references is to prolong the life of rvalues. Temporary objects are handled as rvalues. Move constructors can bind rvalues as non-constant as possible. For an rvalue object, it is allowed to call member functions. It can be destructed) rvalues cannot be used as lvalues, lvalues can be used as rvalues. Constant lvalue references can be bound to rvalues Functions that return rvalue references are bad in almost all cases Using std::move in return in most cases doesn't make things better, instead the operation … Read more

Can traditional Chinese culture lead the Chinese nation in the feudal system to modern times?

The Ming and Qing Dynasties were the late period of feudal society in ancient China. This was the period when the centralized system of feudal autocracy was intensified, and it was also the period when China's feudal imperial power reached its peak. On the other hand, this is also a period when the Chinese nation is gradually falling behind and the trend of history. The emergence of Neo-Confucianism and the strengthening of Neo-Confucianism by the ruling class gradually bound the personality and thinking of our nation. Why did the Chinese nation enter such a historical period? In fact, this is not the embodiment of the personal will of these emperors, but is created by the character and historical environment of the Chinese nation under the influence of traditional culture. When China's feudal system came to the Song Dynasty, compared with the previous Tang Dynasty, it was obvious that the shackles of personality under the dual influence of culture and system became stronger and stronger. I think that this is the case that the feudal system has become more and more... Read more

The relationship between Chinese traditional culture and the modern destiny of the nation

Before discussing traditional culture, let's discuss ethnicity first. Let’s first look at the concept of a nation: a nation refers to a stable community formed by long-term historical development, a group of groups that are differentiated from other groups based on history, culture, and language. According to the definition, it can be known that history, culture and language are the three important elements that distinguish the local people from other peoples. And these three elements are not independent of each other, on the contrary, they influence each other and blend with each other, and no one can do without the other. From a cultural point of view, the culture of a nation infiltrates its history, affects the thinking of the individual or even the entire nation, and then affects the decision that the nation makes in the face of the problems raised by history under specific historical conditions. Similarly, culture infiltrates language, and there are obvious cultural traces in the grammar, vocabulary, and expression of a nation's language. Place… Read more

Life of a Pixel Chromium browser kernel rendering principle study notes

In the Chromium browser kernel, how the content from the front end is finally converted into pixels on the screen, that is, the browser kernel rendering process, which is a series of steps in a complex project. For these complex steps, the aspects we need to grasp include the design ideas, data models, and data model interactions at each stage of the process. An in-depth and careful understanding of the above content is beneficial for us to always stay awake and pinpoint the position when we read the huge source code. Below I will discuss this process in detail based on my understanding of Life of a Pixel. Life of a Pixel input and output first need to talk about input and output, the input of this series of steps becomes Web Content. It is governed by a series of existing agreements… Read more

My Experience with Synology Drive Version Control

After using the version control function of Synology Drive for a period of time, we have concluded the following common usage scenarios where version control is not recommended: Synology Drive version control is not suitable for version control of music library and video library. These two scenarios are suitable for management using the recycle bin mechanism. Because the capacity of the music and video library varies greatly, after a large number of deletions or format conversions are performed over a period of time, the available disk space will drop rapidly. Adding music and video libraries to version control is not recommended. Version control is not suitable for backup of application-related data files (such as related files in the mapping directory of Docker containers). After long-term observation, version control is not sensitive to file modifications. I often find that... Read more