Use space-vim-dark to configure and beautify the vim editor with one click

I have always used some mature configuration files to help me configure and beautify the vim editor. However, the I originally used has not been updated for a long time, and some plug-ins in its plug-in list can no longer be downloaded normally. So I wanted to look for an alternative to it and finally found that space-vim-dark is not bad.

Basic introduction to space-vim-dark

After my search, I found a more useful and beautiful configuration file space-vim-dark. This space-vim-dark may be a vim configuration file written by Chinese people, which can make vim adapt to dark mode very well.

First post the warehouse address:

This is its renderings, the overall look is still good.

Configure the effect of the vim editor

Use it to configure and beautify the vim editor

Setting up space-vim-dark is very easy, you just need to add the following settings in your vim plugin manager.

Plug 'liuchengxu/space-vim-dark'

After using it as a whole, I think there are still some plug-ins that should be used, and they are a lot easier to use.

Add extra configuration

You can add some of your own configuration in ~/.spacevim.