My Experience with Synology Drive Version Control

After using the version control function of Synology Drive for a period of time, we have summarized the following common usage scenarios where version control is not recommended:

  1. Synology Drive version control is not suitable for version control of music library and video library. These two scenarios are suitable for management using the recycle bin mechanism. Because the capacity of the music and video library varies greatly, after a large number of deletions or format conversions are performed over a period of time, the available disk space will decrease rapidly. Adding music and video libraries to version control is not recommended.
  2. Version control is not suitable for backup of application-related data files (such as related files in the mapping directory of Docker containers). After long-term observation, version control is not sensitive to file modifications. I often find that frequently changing application data files are kept at an older version and not backed up to the previous version immediately after the application makes changes to the file. It is recommended to use Cloud Sync or Hyper Backup to back up application data files.

The above problems have been summed up after long-term use, and this article will be updated if other problems are found.