Sharing exploration, feelings, thought and practice.

This is Saturn&Eric's personal blog site

There is a process of personal exploration, feeling, thinking and practice!

This page is the homepage of this site, and this site is a personal blog. The following content will contain the purpose of this site and some statements:

Pre-disclaimer: This site belongs to Saturn&Eric (hereinafter referred to as S&E) personal blog in terms of classification, and is a publishing site for life and technology content with S&E. Due to domestic regulatory requirements, S&E will name this site according to the website name (exploration, feeling, thinking and practice) filled in the filing information, and BKTUS is the English name of this site.

Taking into account personal privacy, S&E will not introduce itself on this site, or leave personal contact information such as real name and mobile phone number. So the legal contact method is email and some social accounts he approves. This site uses Simplified Chinese as the main language.

The content on the site will be functionally divided intoFour sections: Explore, Feel, Think and Practice. In short: exploration is the process of contacting new knowledge, feeling is some personal thoughts, thinking is the summary of knowledge after processing, and practice is the process of applying new knowledge. The above four dimensions can roughly record the process of S&E's digestion of new knowledge in life. Due to the limited time per day and the laziness of S&E himself, he does not like to organize and typeset the process, so most of the content of the blog post will be in the form of random notes, and the length should be as short as possible to improve readability.

S&E has done a lot of exploration of technology since a long time ago, and almost every few days, everything he thinks and does is related to computers, software, etc. It's a pity that he never documented these things, and until now only a large number of tailless projects on GitHub have barely proved that those things happened. Some of the things that happened in his life were interesting, but they didn't survive. So S&E created this site to record his exploration and problem-solving process. He hopes that what he has experienced can leave some traces or help other people.

The site is kept as simple as possible, and the theme style gives the feeling of reading a piece of paper. For loading speed, most blog posts on this site will not have pictures. White text on a black background, single font is the style of the blog post, adding beautification as much as possible is related to the easier writing and display of the blog post content.

Disclaimer: For some legal notes please seeSite Statement.