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Dies ist der persönliche Blog von Saturn&Eric

There is a process about personal exploration, feeling, thinking and practice

This page is the home page of this site, this site is a personal blog, the following content will contain the founding purpose of this site and some statements.

Preceding statement: This site is classified under Saturn&Eric (later all referred to as S&E, Saturneric, eric) personal blog, is a life class and technical content publishing site with S&E.

Eric is a software engineer, currently mainly responsible for backend R&D work. Usually when there is nothing to do, usually do backend operation and maintenance work. This site belongs to eric, and the webmaster is also eric.

The content of the station will be divided into four sections in terms of function: exploration, feeling, thinking and practice . In short: Exploration is the process of contacting new knowledge, feeling is some personal thoughts, thinking is the summary of knowledge after processing, and practice is the process of applying new knowledge. The above four dimensions can roughly record Eric’s process of digesting new knowledge in life. Due to the limited time per day, and Eric himself is lazy, he does not like to organize and typesetting the process, so most of the content of the blog post will be in the form of random notes, and the length should be as short as possible to improve readability.

Eric started with computer programming at the age of 10 and has explored technology a lot. The path of learning programming languages went from C# to Pascal to C & C++ to now Java and Go. almost every few days, what he thinks and does is related to computers, software aspects, etc. Unfortunately, eric never documented these things, he doesn’t like to spend time typing them, and until now there is only a plethora of no-tail projects on GitHub that barely prove those things happened. Some of the things that have happened in his life are also quite interesting, but not kept either. So eric created this site to document his exploration and problem solving process, and he hopes that what he has experienced can leave some traces or can help some other people.

Now that he has joined the workforce, eric’s mentor has instructed him that he needs to record some of his technical explorations every once in a while. He says that although he thought he could remember when he was younger, he still can’t remember as he gets older. It would be good to have a process record of daily techniques so that you can come back to it later. I’m surrounded by awesome people who do this and have this habit. eric thinks so, and thinks it’s really important to restart a personal blog and get into a habit of recording. The main thing is to get used to typing and recording your thoughts, rather than blocking them all in your head.

In order to be able to communicate with a wider audience in the world, the original blog will be written in eric’s native language (Chinese), and some of the content of the personal blog will be translated into English and German. Why these two languages? Because eric has only learned these two languages systematically so far. Since the translation is automatic and very generally not corrected by eric manually, the translation of some words is definitely not very appropriate.

The site is as simple as possible, with a theme style that gives the feeling of reading a piece of paper. Black background with white characters and a single font is the style presented in the blog post, adding beautification as much as possible is related to the easier preparation and display of the content of the blog post. The website data is hosted on AWS and is not currently filed in China.

Disclaimer: Please see the site statement for some legal notes.